Find yourself having a hard time keeping up with all the changes, especially in technology?

You are not the only one.  As one who loves and embraces technology, I find that there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with it and life in general.  Technological changes are constantly speeding up.  What is the “in” thing this week seems fade faster than the sun sets.

How do we keep up?  It’s a matter of prioritizing – what is important for you in your job and in your home life?

Home Life

Decide what is important to you in your own life.  There is no reason to have the latest and greatest gadget if it stresses you out learning it.  Of course, if you a gadget person and love acquiring whatever comes along, then this whole post is not for you.

Most of us want either a Blu-Ray or DVR, so we can watch what we want when we want.  Unless you have watched a VHS recently, it may be time to get rid of that, unless of course it also has a perfectly working DVD, and you use that regularly.

Want a smart fridge or smart thermostat that you can control remotely?  Go for it.  But remember the responsibility that goes with it:  change the default passwords to something of your own making (not birth dates), so you are less likely to be hacked.

Happy with your paper calendar and use it religiously?  Then don’t cave to pressure to upload a new electronic calendar.  Make technology your friend that enhances your life, not a friend who frustrates and stresses you out.

Technology should make your life easier.  If it is complicating your life and forcing you to spend countless hours prepping and troubleshooting it, then perhaps it’s just not for you.

Work Life

Technology in your work life is a trickier matter.  We often don’t get to choose which technology or software to use and embrace.  That decision is often made by the higher ups, and we have to live with it.  If you are faced with new technology that you must use for your job you should see if your employer will pay for training for you, and it not, then go to sources like the manufacturer (they often offer webcasts) or  YouTube to see if there are tutorials that can help you become proficient in using the software.

And remember, if one tutorial leaves your confuse, seek out another one.  Some tutorials are simply better than others.

Technology Moves Too Fast

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