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By the time you read my post, this will be old news, yet I feel the need to weigh in.  This past week, a Frederick County Public School employee was fired for her tweet – she is responsible for social media and this tweet was official.

With bad weather pending, a student simply tweeted, “close schools ‘tammarow’ please.”

And the employee tweeted back, “but then how would you learn to spell ‘tomorrow’? 🙂

Personally, I thought that was a very clever tweet.  It was lighthearted and in spirit of education – after all, aren’t students supposed to learn how to spell while in school?

And the student this tweet was aimed at didn’t mind the response – neither did most of the followers of the tweet; however, the school system had other ideas.  They terminated the employee.

Her tweet came after a survey of students asked for more engagement with the school system.  They were told that their tweets were flat.  It was, until it was taken down, one of the most popular tweets every by the school system.

So what role should social media take?  Does this message go against the spirit of education?

Personally, I would love more of this sort of banter between educators and students.  There was no personal attack.  I thought she hit the right tone and had the right amount of humor.

An Exceptional Tweet

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