Many social media apps now have location features that show exactly where you are. Some people are fine with that, but there are many potential problems in showing where you are every moment of the day.

One of the most obvious one is that people know when your home is unoccupied.  That makes your home, especially if you are on vacation, a nice target for would-be robbers.

Another one that we often don’t think about unless we are thinking about our children is personal safety.  If another person knows where you are, what is to stop the person from showing up.  Hopefully, it’s someone you want to see, but it could just as easily be a stalker.

Recently, we have become aware that with the app Snapchat, the location feature has been automatically enabled.  You have to turn off that feature if you don’t want people to automatically know where you are.  The reason the issue is so important is that many users of Snapchat are children and teens.

Here a link direction on how to turn off the Snapchat location feature: How to Turn off Snapchat’s Stalkerish Snap Map Feature

Turn Off That Location Feature

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