This morning I received an email blast on behalf of a local educational institution that usually sends out very professional email blasts.  In this case, a member of a smaller division of the institution sent out this email blast and quite frankly, the sender and the division should be embarrassed at its lack of professionalism.

Yes, I am going to pick apart this email and let you know the things you should NOT do:

  1. Don’t send an email representing yourself as a part of an organization using your own private email address. This muddies the waters.  In this day of phishing scams, this is a big no-no. It is also a potential liability for all involved.
  2. Don’t use cutesy or informal fonts. While it is okay to jazz up an email blast to a certain extent with a creative font here or there or within a graphic, using a non-common font or a informal font takes away from your brand unless you are an artist or graphic designer. In this case, the email was meant for local business owners and used comic sans font.
  3. Don’t use colored fonts for the bulk of the email.  Black is the font color of business. The bulk of any business email including email blasts and newsletters should be in black. Besides looking more professional, it aids the reading for anyone with visual impairment. Again, graphics should be colorful, but the main font should not.
  4. Don’t send out any email blast without another set of eyes proofreading the material. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. It can’t be said enough. This email blast was about a conference being held at a local golf course’s facility, and guess what? The golf course’s name was spelled incorrectly. At the very least, get the principals right.

Your brand is important, and while an occasional mistake might occur, make your brand consistent, professional and sharp.


Don’t Ruin Your Brand With Sloppy Email Marketing

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