It’s still January.  It’s the time of sprucing up your business for the winter/spring run.  And one of the things you should do is take a look at your website.  We offer some tips (Don’ts) for your site:

Don’t List Your Products & Services as One Continuous Scroll

I know that many sites are designed these days to keep scrolling, but ask yourself:  How much do you like it?  Definitely put all your products and services out there, but break them up, grouping them together as seems natural.

Don’t Have Tons of Bells & Whistles

It’s okay to have some plugin or widgets, but don’t have them for the sake of having them.  If they don’t improve the functionality of your site, get rid of them.  Have only a 3-page site?  Then why do you need a search function?

Don’t Forget to Include Alt Tags and Captions

You never know who may visit your site.  If a person visits with visual impairments, you may miss an opportunity when the visitor can’t tell what the image is.  And search engines can’t read images, so tags and captions are important drivers in SEO optimization.

Don’t Use All Those Fancy Things Like Flash Animation and Moving Text

While they are certainly fun when you are designing your site, many features like Flash animation do nothing to enhance your site and in some cases annoys the visitors.  Keep your site clean and simple – it will also improve loading times.

Don’t Have Dead Links

Links can change, so every year be sure to visit those links and ensure that they are still live.

Website Self-Check

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