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Sending Texts from Email

It is just a brief post today.  Ever need to send a message to a phone number from an email?  Here’s the handy cheat you need to get the email to go to SMS: Alltel – AT&T – Nextel – Sprint – T-Mobile – Virgin Mobile –

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An Exceptional Tweet

By the time you read my post, this will be old news, yet I feel the need to weigh in.  This past week, a Frederick County Public School employee was fired for her tweet – she is responsible for social media and this tweet was official. With bad weather pending, a student simply tweeted, “close

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Don’t Discount Soft Skills

Networking events are great for meeting people and exercising your soft skills. I was at a networking event the other day for IT and business professionals, and during the meeting they had us break out into groups. They asked three basic questions: What skills do you valuable most in prospective employees? What skill is hardest

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Automate Blog Posts with Hootsuite

People tell you that to make your business grow, you have to expand your reach, so you begin to blog.  Then they tell you you have to expand your reach even more into social networks.  How does a small owner keep up with all the marketing requirements?  Blogging, posting, sharing the blog, keeping up with

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Technology Moves Too Fast

Find yourself having a hard time keeping up with all the changes, especially in technology? You are not the only one.  As one who loves and embraces technology, I find that there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with it and life in general.  Technological changes are constantly speeding up.  What

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Resumes Aren’t Cut and Dry

So you’ve decided it’s time for a new resume. Since it’s been years, you’ve visited a bunch of sites, and you’re so confused about what to do. If you are at a total loss, then this post will not be too useful, but if you already have a fairly good resume, and you want to

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